Welcome to my new photo portfolio.

I've been dabbling in photography a bit lately... this is some of the results so far.

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November, 2010
Sometimes you find your friends a light in oppressive darkness...
May, 2010
...and sometimes, you find them revelling in it.
December 2009
Sometimes friends seek you out for love...
May 2010
...and sometimes they do just fine for themselves.
December 2009
Some of us hide our inner demons...
October 2010
...and some of us celebrate them.
November 2009
Some of us meet each morning among friends...
November 2009
... and some of us stay with them all day.
December 2009
Some of us live our lives begging...
November 2009
...and others are blessed to be content.
November 2009
Sometimes this city's greatest warmth is found in the cold and alone of the morning air...
October 2009
...and sometimes it's cold and alone even in the autumn sun.
May 2010 (iPhone)
Sometimes you are putty in the hands of the right band...
July 2010 (iPhone)
...and sometimes, you're a slave to the DJ.



New mixes now available!
Nuskool for Nusnow
Nuskool breaks favorites from 2003-2008; some classic tracks in a great mix for riding trails!

These mixes were for a demo CD that many of you already have. If not... download!

You Make Me Laugh...
Funky, upbeat breaks, with a touch of fun.
...I Make You Cry.
Electro & nuskool breaks, with a darker angry edge.
Fear me for I am whitespace...


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